Promoting Your Research

There are several resources available to help promote your research activities. Sharing your research across social and traditional media platforms can lead to higher citation counts, positive attention from funding agencies, and greater public engagement. Make sure to take advantage of the many outreach opportunities offered below.

4 channels of communication

1) COTA Communication Channels

2) University of Florida Communication Channels

3) External Communication Resources

4) Conferences/ Community Engagement Initiatives

Spread the word

COTA Resources

  • Use #UFCOTA or tag @UFCOTA on any social media platform to share your work with us so that we can promote it. Your college may have its own social media channels. For more exposure, consider tagging the handles they use.
  • Promote your news and events anytime with the COTA Strategic Communications Team using the submission buttons found on

Sharing UF Podcast about Academic Writing with College of the Arts

Introducing Writing It! The Podcast About Academic Writing! Join us for lively and honest conversations with scholars at all career stages as we make academic writing & publishing more transparent and less overwhelming. Find us here and wherever you listen to podcasts. Write to us at with questions you’d like addressed and ideas for future episodes. We look forward to featuring more UF scholars in future episodes.

University of Florida Resources

  • Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing
    Looking for creative advice on how to communicate your project to the public? Visit UF’s Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing for access to their talented team of integrated communications professionals, media relations experts, content creators, designers, videographers and social media strategists.

    Contact Eric Hamilton, the national communications specialist in Strategic Communications and Marketing assigned to COTA.
  • University of Florida News
    Learn about the When, What and How’s of sharing your research with the University of Florida News.
  • Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing’s Research Promotion Initiative
    UF’s Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing has launched the Research Promotion Initiative to encourage faculty to submit accepted but not yet published work that UF SCM can pitch to news media and highlight on the university’s news and marketing channels. To enter your research for consideration, please submit your peer-reviewed journal articles, books, literary essays, or scholarly monographs by completing this form. Winners receive $1,000 in research funding.
  • UF Experts
    Become one of the many UF Experts who have made themselves available for commentary and analysis, interviews, and speaking opportunities on thousands of subjects. To add your information to the UF media experts database, fill out this form.
  • Altmetric
    Altmetric provides a comprehensive tool for faculty and students to gauge the impact of their research through social media. By showcasing attention and influence metrics, including mentions in news, blogs, article views, and downloads, Altmetric offers a valuable resource to understand the influence of your research, helping scholars identify the broader societal impact and changing dynamics within their field of study.

External Resources

  • The Academic Minute
    Contribute to The Academic Minute, a two-and-a-half minute daily module which features researchers from colleges and universities around the world. Learn more about submission guidelines or listen to archived lectures using the links provided.
  • The Conversation
    Consider publishing with The Conversation, a nonprofit, independent news organization dedicated to unlocking the knowledge of experts for the public good. There are various publishing opportunities that focus on timely, evidence-based analysis of issues written for the general public and edited by their team of journalists.

    Check out the recorded zoom of the COTA Proposal Studio’s introduction of The Conversation to learn more.

Conferences & Communities

  • The Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru)
    The University of Florida is an institutional member of The Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru), a partnership of colleges and universities that fosters and champions the role of the arts, design, and arts integration in higher education. 
  • Imagining America
    UF is an institutional member of Imagining America, a consortium of publicly engaged artists, designers, scholars, and community activists working toward the democratic transformation of higher education and civic life. Visit the UF Imagining America Working Group page
  • The Qualitative Report
    Nova Southeastern University hosts The Qualitative Report, a peer-reviewed, on-line monthly journal devoted to writing and discussion of and about qualitative research across disciplines.
  • UF Digital Humanities Working Group (DHWG)
    The (DHWG) is an interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff, and graduate students who meet monthly to discuss specific projects and opportunities for the humanities in a digital age. See below for various resources offered by the DHWG.

    Scott Nygren Scholars Studio 
    The Scott Nygren Scholars Studio is an instruction and meeting space for digital humanities, found on the second floor of Library West. In the Studio, you can build digital humanities projects, share your work with others, and connect to a community of digital humanists.

    Digital Humanities Consultations
    Tiffany C. Esteban welcomes UF students, instructors, and researchers to discuss all aspects of their interest in digital humanities. Whether you’re starting to form an idea for a project, trying to manage an existing one, or looking for ways to connect your ideas to a larger community of experts, she is glad to consult with you.

    To join the DHWG’s listserv, email DIGITAL-HUMANITIES-L@LISTS.UFL.EDU
  • Academic and Research Consulting Services
    The Academic and Research Consulting Services offers expertise in areas that highly complement digital humanities work, including natural language processing, data visualization, geospatial information services, and data management. If you are interested in consulting with a whole team of experts in these diverse areas, consider filling out the ARCS Consultation Form.
  • Center for Humanities and the Public Sphere
    Visit the Center for Humanities and the Public Sphere for several lecture opportunities and other Gainesville-wide events, hosted by both internal scholars and external community-partners. Promote your own event on their calendar and weekly agenda.